Protect Your Car With a Tough-As-Nails Ceramic Coating


If you want a shiny car that stays shiny for a long time, you need more than just wax. Ceramic coating is the way to go. Come to King of Detailing to make your car shine like never before.

We offer two levels of ceramic coating. Our Crystal Serum Light is rated to last up to five years, while our Crystal Serum Ultra is rated for up to nine years. We only use Gtechniq products, some of the best on the market today.

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Why Ceramic Coating?

It may seem at first glance that having a ceramic coating installed is cost-prohibitive but take another look. Since wax lasts only 1 to 3 months, it needs to be reapplied at least quarterly. You'll spend about $200 four times a year for a good wash and wax. That's $800 per year. Over 5 years you would spend $4,000 for quarterly waxing.

Since a professional ceramic coating is essentially permanent if maintained properly, it would require a single application over the average lifetime of vehicle ownership. If you never have to wax your car again you would save money. If you invest $1,500 for a premium ceramic coating for your car, you would save $2,500 over 5 years, compared to quarterly waxing.

Here are a few best practices for ceramic coating maintenance:

  • Never wash in direct sunlight
  • Do not use abrasives to wash or dry vehicle
  • Do not use an automatic car wash
  • Do not apply wax or paint sealant
  • Do not allow tap water to dry on the surface
  • Return for an annual coating inspection once per year

Level 1 Package
5yr Ceramic Coating
  • $1,000
  • Polish & Ceramic Coat
    (Full Exterior)

Level 2 Package
5yr Ceramic Coating
  • $1,450
  • Paint Correction
    (Paint, Glass, Wheels)

Level 3 Package
5yr Ceramic Coating
  • $1,700
  • Paint Correction
    (Full Exterior/Full Interior)

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L1 Leather Guard
Smart Fabric cleaner
C6 Matte Dash cleaner
G1 ClearVision Smart Glass cleaner
C5 Wheel Armour wheel cleaner
Crystal Serum Light
Crystal Serum Ultra

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